We work with a number of locks

We do not only work with doors and their locks.  We also work with windows, locks, mechanisms – everything to safeguard you and what is important to you.  We also take pride in our abilities to work with other materials too and not only uPVC, thereby offering you, our customer, the best service possible.  Other materials we work with include wood, aluminium and sash.

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Professional Services

Here at The Lock Wizard, we pride ourselves in our services, offering an extensive range of services, from home to business.  We want to secure the safety of everything that you hold dear: your family, your belongings, your business. Trust us with your lock needs, whether it is installing a new lock, fixing a broken lock, servicing your locks and doors – we are the […]

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Tip 12: Monitor your neighbourhood

Tip 12:  Monitor your neighbourhood

It is permanently a good idea to remain conscious of what is going on in your area, especially when it comes to misconduct and the type of crime being committed. Take note of any break-ins, home incursions, sexual misconducts, race-based criminalities, gender-based corruptions and so forth, and take note what seems the most predominant, and take actions to guard yourselves against it. Always have somebody […]

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